Birds Migrate…… Why don’t you?



Cheryl Bird is the sole owner of Bird Australian Migration Agency. She first immigrated to Australia from the United Kingdom as a child but after 3 years a decision was made to return to the UK but she knew one day shewould return. Whilst it took ‘many’ years, in 2002 she decided that ‘Birds Migrate’ so why shouldn’t she?

Cheryl finally emigrated for a second time with  in November 2003 settling in Brisbane, Queensland and became a Registered Migration Agent in 2006.

Since starting Bird Australian Migration Agency in 2006, she has had the pleasure of assisting over 1800 individuals and families fulfil their dream of gaining residency in Australia. Cheryl is also currently a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA 2529)

As a Registered Migration Agent Cheryl is there to assist with your application to immigrate or remain in Australia. She is there to relieve the stress of ensuring you get it right first time.

If you would like to migrate to Australia  please complete the Online Assessment today, make payment and Cheryl will provide a comprehensive assessment on your eligibility.